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Rental Info & Advantages

1. Sunday Monthly rent of a regular space is 17×25 $150 (basically you saved between $30-$75).
2. Sunday Monthly rent of a premium/corners space is $180 (basically you saved between $20-$70).
3. Sunday Monthly rent of PROMO (entrance) is $260. (Basically you saved between $80-$140).
4. You may use a special entrance only for monthly vendors and you don’t have to stay on regular line (this door opens 15min before the regular door).
5. You can reserve the space of your preference for a full month in advance by paying a portion of the rent before the previous month is over.



Shopper Hours :

7am to 3pm
Saturday and Sunday

Vendor Hours:

6am to 3pm
Saturday and Sunday

Office Hours:

-Saturday from 6am to 12:30pm
-Sunday from 6am to 2:30pm


You must commit to a specific spot for the whole month to obtain the discount. In addition, you must pay your rent in full before the 15 of each month to avoid an automatic penalty fee of $30. Payments can only be done at the office, not online payment available. Emergencies: You may cancel your reservation for personal reasons two times in a year. Vacation: You can cancel your spot for up to 1 month maximum without losing your assigned location. If longer time is need it, there not warranty that we can provide you with the same spot. Containers: If you have a container on your spot and you use your vacation or emergency rights you are still responsible for the cost of the container. We don’t own the containers, we pay rent to a company that outsource those for us, and therefore we still need to charge for that portion of your rent.