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Must-Try Culinary Gems at the Oceanside Sunset Market

Visit Oceanside on Thursday evenings when its popular Sunset Market takes over four downtown blocks for an unforgettable experience! Hundreds of vendors provide international food, world market goods, and live music during this vibrant event.

At this market you’ll also find unique gifts and handmade treasures made by artisans themselves – from boho-inspired jewelry to ceramic pottery and more, there are numerous unique finds waiting to be discovered!

1. Bagby Beer Company

Oceanside is known for being a beer town, boasting multiple key breweries and tasting rooms; but Bagby Beer Company takes things one step further with their massive brewery, restaurant and bar that features multi-level dining while playing poker online on sites mentioned at the, tasting room seating for 12, four bars plus beautiful outdoor decks overlooking the Pacific.

Their menu boasts everything from refreshing Belgian-style blond beers to hearty English brown ales, along with food options like Romaine lettuce salads, chicken club sandwiches, smoked wings, and wood stone pizza.

Jeff Bagby has worked at several breweries, such as Stone Brewing and Oggi’s, but owns his own operation located within an old Saab dealership in Longmont, Colorado. When working, Jeff stresses the dedication and hard work necessary for running such an endeavor. Together with his wife Dande, Jeff and Oggi both dedicate much time and dedication to running it successfully.

2. Dija Mara

Industrial-style restaurant easily distinguished from others by cheeky murals, dim lighting and its roll-up garage door entrance is easy to spot. Their menu combines Balinese and California cuisines, with an emphasis on flavor – sample their nasi goreng combining fried rice with shrimp, pork belly chicken yolk and sunny egg or the charred eggplant served with smoked tomato sambal for something different or discover their selection of low ABV cocktails and all natural wines – you won’t be disappointed.

This seafood restaurant is the ideal spot to gather for lunch or dinner with friends, featuring an impressive menu full of dishes sure to please everyone at the table – such as their popular Calamari Steak and Dungeness Crab Cioppino dishes – not forgetting some delicious dessert options like brownies, panna cotta, and bread pudding – not forgetting sustainable ingredients that come from all around the globe!

3. 608

At Oceanside Sunset Market, tantalizing aromas of mouthwatering cuisines fill the air and stimulate your senses, tempting your appetite. Choose from delicious burgers and tacos to Thai cuisine and Mediterranean delights; something is sure to please every palette – don’t forget dessert as well!

MainStreet Oceanside’s weekly event has become an integral part of Oceanside since 2004. Every Thursday evening thousands of locals and visitors alike convene at MainStreet Oceanside’s event center to enjoy hot food selections, eclectic merchandise, gourmet packaged foods, live entertainment, spirited community spirit and delicious hot beverages!

With its world marketplace, international food court, fresh and ready row of produce, desserts, artisanal crafts and much more – Oceanside Sunset Market is an absolute must visit for couples, families with children and groups visiting Oceanside! Create treasured memories at Oceanside Sunset Market!

4. Sea Hive Thrift Shop

Treci Smith of HGTV-featured interior stylist brings her signature boho-vintage aesthetic to this shop, which offers designer brand Brixton home furniture as well as cafe/curated home goods spot Communal Coffee that offer handmade items like Moroccan poufs, rattan armoires and colorful glassware from artisans from around the world. Vintage collectors will love browsing at Seabasstropub while enjoying refreshments while doing so!

This resale store is the sister to Sea Hive Marketplace in Liberty Station and was established by Brandon Vega–who previously ran high-end furniture shop Atomic Bazaar in San Diego before leading single-family and hospitality projects with Cast Development. Their aim is to empower local small business owners pursue their retail goals. He suggests visiting on restock day for better odds at finding bargains!

5. The Plot

The Plot is an exceptional plant-based eatery offering delectable culinary creations to delight even the pickiest eaters. Additionally, they serve kombucha, craft beer and natural wines for your enjoyment.

Since 2007, Oceanside Sunset Market has been an essential feature in Downtown Oceanside. Every week, thousands of locals and visitors gather here for delicious international fare, unique merchandise, gourmet packaged foods, live entertainment and delicious hot food from all corners of the globe.

Sunset Market is a free event and features a kid’s zone filled with activities for children to enjoy. Over 200 merchants set up booths that span four city blocks offering everything from food and shopping, to kiddie rides! A visit here should be on everyone’s vacation itinerary – it truly offers something for all types of groups traveling together or alone in search of entertainment! This treasure chest of delights awaits your discovery at Sunset Market!

6. Parlor Doughnuts

Parlor Doughnuts’ daily-made small batch doughnuts are truly impressive. Crafted with buttery dough and deep-fried until its crisp exterior gives way to fluffy light interior layers of goodness, these delectable pastries make an impressionful treat!

On the menu are delicious breakfast sandwiches and tacos, coffee products, juices and kombucha. Proper Coffee Roasters is their house coffee brand with vegan, gluten-free and keto options available as well.

Darrick Hayden set out on a journey across the U.S. while touring with his son’s band to search out local doughnut and coffee shops that could satisfy his love for artisanal doughnuts and coffee alike, leading him to create the fast-growing doughnut and cafe concept, Parlor Doughnuts. Their first location opened up in Evansville, Indiana this year. Toni Ricker took notice of these handmade treats and moved to Pawleys Island so she could open an office of Parlor Doughnuts this month – becoming part of their first Northeast Florida location!

7. Seaside Kitchen

Seaside Kitchen offers an exquisite coastal culinary experience. Their menu changes regularly so you can look forward to tasting something different every time. Plus, there’s an impressive list of California wines perfect for pairing with their dishes.

Coastal kitchen ideas aim to bring the outdoors in, using natural lighting as their focus point. Minimizing window dressings will further emphasize this effect and keep things airy and bright.

Other prominent elements include wood furniture, textured walls and backsplashes, nautical-inspired stripes or grooves on walls and backsplashes and the use of white and blue hues that bring in the sunny serenity of a beach setting. From glossy or matte hues, these hues exude breezy charm making this look suitable for any style home.

8. Oceanside Brewing Company

Patio guests will experience an inviting ambience on this spacious space, featuring picnic tables tucked under overhangs and along fences adorned with flower boxes, string lights and music creating an engaging ambience. Graves House IPA has proven most popular thus far but they also brew fruited wheat beers as well as planning to introduce Pina Colada Hazy IPA soon.

Oceanside Brewing Company was created by two local friends as a food-friendly brewery located just steps from the beach. Utilizing recycled equipment from New Orleans brewery, they specialize in crafting inventive beers with unexpected ingredients to offer their patrons something new and refreshing to drink.

Get acquainted with Corps IPA, a light-bodied beer crafted with organic raspberries and blueberries, for lunch. And save room for dessert: try their Peanut Butter Milk Stout; it’s rich and creamy without being overly sweet! Additionally, their wide selection of bar staples makes this spot worth your while; grab one or more bottles to bring home!

9. Grassroots Kitchen

Grassroots Kitchen is a family-owned and operated restaurant from the same people behind Common Ground Culinary, who run several other Phoenix and Scottsdale eateries. Their menu offers Southern-influenced American fare made from scratch with polished service that fosters friendship and family spirit.

Highlights include grilled rainbow trout that’s been broiled until tender, then topped with crisp Swiss chard leaves and crisp Swiss cheese for an unforgettable dining experience. A salad featuring romaine, kale and spinach drizzled in spicy tomato jam is another standout dish.

At this restaurant, the casual ambience embodies its community-driven mission with games played on its communal table and seating that extends out onto an outdoor patio. Friendly servers appear whenever needed to refill tea in glass jars or bring extra plates without prompting from customers; in turn, its straightforward menu boasts satisfying American staples prepared with precision and skill.

10. The Plot

The Plot stands out from its competition by offering delicious plant-based dishes, environmentally-friendly practices and an exceptional dining experience. Their restaurant goes beyond traditional vegetarian fare to craft unforgettable culinary masterpieces using locally sourced ingredients.

The Plot offers an eclectic menu featuring items such as plank fired salmon, ghawazee small plates, Japanese cakes, Polish pierogi and gluten free pastries. Their beverages menu also features kombucha wine beer cocktails.

The Oceanside Sunset Market is an absolute must-see for vacationing couples, families with children and groups of any size. Boasting unique handmade items from vendors selling these handmade products as well as delectable food offerings from food trucks and live entertainment performances; this event captures the true spirit of Oceanside while giving visitors an unforgettable experience! It takes place each Thursday evening at Pier View Way downtown Oceanside.